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Have You Done Your Homework?

Doing your homework has a new meaning.

With major health concerns for our public’s safety these days, a large majority of individuals are working from home either by choice or due to the government’s instructions.

Most of us have been in isolation or only with our immediate families.

How does one stay sane during this period of uncertainty?

Being patient and staying calm could certainly help matters but in the meantime, look at the bright side. While working at home you can dress comfortably with your favorite tee, pair of sweats or in your underwear if that’s what gets you through the day.


Personally, I am in gym shorts and a comfy tee for the most part.

When jumping on a virtual business video call, I might throw on a casual business shirt but still in those gym shorts, I am just mindful about standing up during the conversation, lol

Get Creative

Why not try and keep motivated and stay focused by wearing some custom printed tee shirts.

What kind of expressions or designs can you come up with?  Please comment below

Nobody will be shopping at the mall or retail stores anytime soon but that’s where the beauty of the internet comes in.

You can choose your favorite tee and select a pre-made design or have even more fun by designing your own.

A really great way to have a bit of distraction while outfitting yourself comfy things to wear while you are working in tu casa.

Tips for relaxing at home

 Yoga & Meditation can “work” wonders.

Don’t forget to take a break from the grind; we all need time to do a reset.

Invite the family and dog to join in. Family time is so important as well.

Take a walk while practicing Social Distancing

Listen to your favorite music that can soothe your soul.

Togetherness can alleviate the mundane work schedule and your family will enjoy it as well, that’s if you are still talking to your family at this point after being cooped up for so long. lol

All showered and time to get back to work now

Hmm, how do you dress for work, what about your makeup or do you need to take a shave?

But wait, you’re working from home until who knows when you don’t need to worry about any of that.

Pull out the sweats, or shorts and tee shirt or hoodie and get back being productive.

So get comfy and get working, a great combination

My hopes for everyone is to be healthy, stay safe, be productive and most of all be comfortable when #WorkingFromHome.

God Bless

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