Custom printed tee shirts

Local Youths Are “Grateful” For Annual Tee Shirt Design Contest

No better way to bring youth and the community together than through ART.

And that’s just what Meryl Katlin has been doing for the past 8 years.

In 2012 after participating in Coral Springs annual Our Town America event, the idea was created and it was the beginning of the Make A Tee Online Annual Tee Shirt Design Contest

Here is one of our 1st Place winners Mia

custom printed tee shirts

When printing technology meets a need

TypeStyles Printing & Graphic Design purchased one of the first DTG (Direct to Garment) printing machines in the South Florida area. With a lot of calls for small orders (no minimum) of full color printed tee shirts, now custom tee shirt art can be printed directly onto the t-shirt. The Our Town America event was a perfect opportunity to show the locals how this Digital Tee-Shirt Printing Machine worked.

With a giving back to the community type of mentality, the contest idea was a huge success. Children of all ages were able to participate in a competitive contest featuring their creativity and artistic abilities. 

Think of it as a tee shirt fashion show.

Custom printed tee shirts

It’s a win-win for everyone

The kids so look forward to the contest each year and to see their dedication and hard work just melts your heart. One parent had commented about her daughter “ She Lives for this competition every year”  Being a proud parent is also a darn good feeling. 

Many community art teachers have also been fantastic supporters. 

There is no question that some of these kids are super, super talented.

Contest goes Global

Families from all over the world have been able to be reached and interact and vote on their favorite designs. Community growth and recognition mean a lot to these kids and parents as well.

What a great way for countries all over the universe to connect with their youth population. 

Art & it’s positive effects on youths

Art Promotes Creativity

Art Builds Fine Motor Skills

Scribbling is a Precursor to Writing

Art Develops Problem-solving Abilities

Art Helps Kids Understand Themselves and Their World

Art Helps Kids Connect

Make A Tee Online Provides The Opportunity

Check out the contest Website Here 👈👈👈

Custom printed tee shirts

Please comment below with your suggestions & ideas for next year’s contest.

We are always looking for new ways to improve the experience for the kids.

Because it’s all about the kids right. Ok well, maybe the parents too.  


Mitch Summer 




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