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How Sarcasm helps me to survive in a world that’s way to serious!

Sarcasm can be just what the doctor ordered for your own sanity.

I know it is for me.

In fact, my doctor told me that a good diet of sarcasm could add years to the life of people who regularly piss me off.

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Things sarcasm has taught me.

It’s fun to make fun of people (especially when they don’t realize it) `

Sarcasm can be cheap therapy (saving you on those psychiatrist bills)

Sarcasm makes it appear that you are smarter than everyone else (makes you feel amazing)

Being sarcastic could be hazardous to your health (like dodging foreign objects being thrown at you)

I am sure that some of you can relate to that.   

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My earliest recollection of having a sarcastic mind was somewhere around 4th grade when my science teacher was showing a diagram of the different parts of the ear and I proceeded to shout out my curiosity and asked if she was talking about the Erie Canal? True Story!

As I got a little older;

I began to feel a bit guilty about having an unfair advantage over people and if there is one thing that bothers me it’s being superior to others.

I started to feel sorry for people whose sarcasm didn’t come naturally so a few years ago I decided to mentor them and started a Facebook page called Sarcasm 101 but just recently changed the name to Sarcasm Junkie.

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You don’t even have to actually say anything sarcastic to anyone; you can let your tee shirt do the talking for you.

Whether you are at the gym, hanging out at your local coffee shop or doing whatever, your mood or message that day can speak to the people you come into contact with.

I normally get a bunch of dirty looks but sometimes I even meet a new friend or business contact

At least people know what I am all about from the get-go, lol

I am totally convinced that if there were more sarcasm in the world, people would be more productive, smile more and there would probably be a decline in serious crimes.

I am also a huge fan of Larry David’s HBO show Curb your Enthusiasm where season 10 began in January

He might have curbed his enthusiasm but he certainly hasn’t curbed his sarcasm. That’s what I love about him, honest, raw and darn funny.

Then there’s another idol of mine Steven Wright, a master of dry sarcasm.

Have you ever thought about why people drive on the parkway and park on the driveway?

Or why they’re called apartments if they are all attached?

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I can do this all day long and at least know that my mental health issues are being cured.

People sometimes ask me how long I have been sarcastic and I just give them my date of birth.

I can almost remember the time I was still in my Mother’s womb and heard her say I wish this kid would come out already. In my tiny little underdeveloped brain, I was thinking to be careful what you wish for dear mom.

Whenever I see other people walking around with custom printed apparel with funny sarcastic sayings, it warms my heart.

But in all seriousness, yeah right  🙄

There are other more important things in life than sarcasm; it’s just that I haven’t discovered those other things yet.

If you want to broaden your sarcastic horizons please check out our various resources at the bottom of this post.

And always remember and never forget, “If you don’t have something nice to say, say something Sarcastic”


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